my Name is Jan and this is my Cel,Sketch&Original Artwork Gallery.
My email:


I live in Hamburg,Germany and I was Born in November 1980 so I am now 38 Years Old.

I`m very interested in Cels from the Anime Robin Hood no Daibouken(1990/91) from Tatsuonoko Productions).
Also on Cels from Saber Rider/Bismark.

I started collecting Cels in spring 2000 after another Collector from Germany told me where to find a lot of cheap Cels from old TV Animations like Saber Rider(Thanks to SEB):-)

The most Cels in this Gallery are from Old TV Animations from German TV in,Series I liked to watch after School(instead of doing Homework-LOL):-)

I also like Video&Computergames.
(Shooting Games from Cave,Treasure).
Also Fightinggames like Guilty Gear and Streetfighter Zero 3&SF 3 3RD Strike.
On my Computer I like to Play some selected Games like Schoolmate from Illusion:-)

I like Animes,SF,Fantasy and Nature Documentarys.
X Files,Highlander TV Series,PSI Factor,Ocean Girl and lots of other Series.

Another thing Im interested in are Figures,I have a lot PVC Figures from Japan and also a few other Fantasy/Disney and SF figures.

Enjoy the Gallery:-)


News & Updates

10/16/2015I Organized a few thing in the Gallery. Fanart is now in the Fanart Section. Original Sketches are now at the Original Sketches Section.Mixed this Up the Few past Years;-)
4/10/20122011 was a very Good Year for New Cels and 2012 also seems to be the same:-)
8/9/2003Janniboys Cels Gallery now open.

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Title Last Updated
Battle Angel Alita-Gunnm (1) 10/16/2015
Beauty and the Beast Disney (1) 9/23/2013
Biohunter (1) 11/4/2013
Disgaea (10) 3/20/2016
Evangelion (3) 9/23/2013
Evil Dragon War Chronicles (1) 2/27/2015
Fanart (46) 2/24/2020
Ghost Sweeper Mikami (2) 1/28/2012
Gulliver Boy (3) 1/30/2015
Hakugei Densetsu (1) 2/25/2017
Hanken (1) 1/14/2012
Highlander The Animated Series (5) 10/16/2015
I'll Make a Habit of It (3) 7/26/2012
LUNAELLE.ART (11) 6/26/2021
Magical★Taruruuto-kun (1) 9/4/2014
Mahoujin GuruGuru (1) 1/22/2012
Moldiver (3) 9/21/2012
My Favourite 15 Cels (14) 9/21/2022
Nadia-The Secret Of Blue Water (7) 3/20/2016
Nan to Jo Sensei/WMT (3) 3/20/2016
Original Backgrounds (5) 7/30/2016
Original Sketch (46) 1/1/2018
Peter Pan and The Pirates(FOX) (1) 12/24/2016
Power Stone (2) 2/11/2017
Record of Lodoss War (1) 10/16/2015
Robin Hood no Daibouken Cels (6) 8/3/2015
Robin Hood no Daibouken Fanart/Fancels/Original Sketch (32) 10/27/2019
Sailor Moon Cels (5) 2/2/2017
Sailor Moon Fanart/Fancels/Original Sketch (4) 3/20/2016
Sakigake!! Otokojuku (1) 2/27/2015
She Ra (1) 1/22/2012
Shikishi (9) 10/27/2019
Shurato (2) 2/25/2012
Sold or Traded (358) 1/16/2020
Soul Eater (1) 9/23/2013
Super Pig (1) 7/3/2018
The Little Mermaid-Ariel (7) 7/5/2016
The Pirates of Dark Water (4) 4/17/2015
The Wizard of Oz(Korean) (1) 7/15/2018
Tico of the Seven Seas/WMT (4) 6/30/2018
Treasure Island (4) 3/20/2016
Unknown Cels (15) 2/10/2017

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